Sandokan Enduro

This is the page of last year's Sandokan.
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Sandokan is a two-days Enduro race taking place in Madeira, a Portuguese island, on the 15th and 16th of November 2014.
It is organized by guiding company Bikulture, with the support of the sponsors and institutions listed below.

10 Special Stages spread over two days, approximately 25km per day, for a total of approximately 1100m. positive (with vehicle uplifts) and 2800m. negative.

Two modes: “Race” and “Experience”

  • Race: Proper Enduro racing with exciting Special Stages (timed with a SportIdent chip), and transfers for enjoying the breathtaking landscapes of Madeira and chatting with other competitors. Rule book available soon here

  • Experience: Want to get a taste of Enduro, without the pressure of the clock? You will get to ride the same trails, but in a relaxed, non-timed mode, with local guides. You can also benefit from more vehicle uplifts, skipping some climbs.
    We have reached full capacity for “Experience”. If you register, you will be on the waiting list. In any case, see you next year!


  • Race: 50€

  • Race (Enduro Madeira Series): For Madeiran riders who have participated in at least one race of the series, and who have their own timing chip: 40€

  • Experience: 40€


Saturday, November 15th

  • 08:00 Registration
  • 09:00 Symbolic start, Calheta Town Hall (followed by vehicle uplift to upper plateau)
  • 11:00 Start Special Stage 1
  • 13:30 Replenishment
  • 14:30 Start Special Stage 4
  • 16:00 Arrival in Calheta
  • 18:00 Publishing of day 1 results

Sunday, November 16th

  • 09:00 Gathering in Jardim do Mar
  • 10:00 Vehicle uplift to upper Plateau
  • 11:00 Start Special Stage 6
  • 13:30 Replenishment
  • 14:30 Start Special Stage 9
  • 16:00 Arrival in Raposeira
  • 17:00 Liaison to Jardim do Mar
  • 18:30 Prize Ceremony
  • 19:30 Final dinner

Detailed info, GPS tracks and altitude profiles coming soon..

Training runs wil take place on Thursday and Friday, with shuttles provided by Bikulture

Special Stage 1: Bica da Cana

Special Stage 2: Estanquinhos

Special Stage 3: ?

Special Stage 4: Cabeças Trail

Special Stage 5: Pipeline

Special Stage 6: Cabeças Trail

Special Stage 7: Hunters

Special Stage 8: Red Line

Special Stage 9: Sandokan

Special Stage 10: Raposeira


Main sponsors

Institutional partners


Media Partners

Nicolas Vouilloz (FRANCE)

Legend of Gravity Mountain biking, 10x Downhill world champion, winner of the second round of the 2013 Enduro World Series in Val d’Allos, and during his break from MTB, winner of the 2008 IRC Rally of Madeira.

Tanja Žakelj (SLOVENIA)

XC Junior and U23 World Champion, twice European Champion and 2013 Overall World Cup Winner!

Robert Kordez (SLOVENIA)

Riding for the Orbea Geax team, he scores good results on the EWS in the masters category.

Manuel Ducci (ITALY)

Winner of the 2013 Italian Super Enduro PRO Series, riding for team Life Cycles on Ibis bikes.

Valentina Macheda (ITALY)

Team mate and partner of Manuel Ducci in the Life Cycle team, ranked 13th in the EWS

Nicolas Quéré (FRANCE)

Commençal rider, extravagant showman, 3rd of the French Enduro Cup overall, 4th at 2014 Megavalanche and winner of 2014 Maxi Avalanche Andorra.

Jérémy Arnould (FRANCE)

Rider of the Commençal/IRWEGO team, currently ranked 41st of the EWS

Ines Thoma (GERMANY)

Teammate of Fabien Barel in the Canyon Factory Enduro Team, she just won a few weeks ago the German National Championship. In 2014, she also won the Trans Provence, and is ranked 5th in the EWS.

Max Schumann (GERMANY)

Riding for Carver bikes, Max is the fastest German rider in the EWS.

David Vazquez (SPAIN)

Along with Vouilloz, a veteran of Gravity Mountain Biking, winner of 4 Downhill world cup (1998-2004).
After working as DH coordinator for the UCI, he is back on bike, racing for EVIL.

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